Thursday, May 8, 2008


after work yesterday, i did nothing. well, at least nothing productive. biding my time between reading the kite runner and wasting time online, i mentally compiled my to-do list for after work. it took me until 9pm to finish it.

one, go to the gym. a bevy of new problems awaited me, including a wicked long lip traverse. left, heel, match, repeat on a series of taluses and juggy edges. that is until the final hold. giant sloper, no feet, throw for the top of the wall. i just didn't have it in me. it was quite a session with the others that were working it too. exhausted and de-stressed, i stumbled out.

two, groceries. my fridge was beginning to resemble old mother hubbard's cupboard. an apple here or there, various slices of leftover cheese. three almost-empty containers of hummus. a guinness. i made a list using the weekly specials email that harris teeter sends me. they base it on past purchases, which is pretty rad. i always know what lunch meats and cereals are on sale, so i can salivate on the way there. last night: london broil, cheerios, and cinnamon toast crunch. yum! somehow managing to tote all the groceries inside (and keeping the price under $60 for once) to dive right into the next one.

three, oil change. last time i attempted this, it was an epic battle between oil filter and i. jiffy lube grease monkeys will never again touch my truck. last night, nothing but net. well, except for my forgetfulness of the "lefty loosey, righty tighty" mantra. previous experience aside, i was more concerned about burning myself with the exhaust or engine block than i was about actually draining the oil. all told, one left arm greased up and fifteen minutes of work. about what it should be. 176,250 miles and still trucking!

four, shower. aaah! getting grease off isn't as easy as it used to be. i needed a brillo pad to clean it up, and i still managed to miss a knuckle and the back of my elbow.

five, dinner. finally. fatigue had set in and the apartment quickly filled with smoke at my attempt to toast my pita.

six, unwinding. this took far longer than expected. long conversations with two important women and elmo. another chapter or two from the kite runner. it wasn't until almost midnight that i fell asleep, but i didn't stir at all. the driver's side of my bed was still perfectly made when i woke up. is it really only thursday?

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