Sunday, June 29, 2008

sunny days, pushing the clouds away...

take me where the air is sweet. can you tell me how to get, how to get to davis street?

early morning sunshine dragged me out of bed at eight, thirsty but well-rested. i stumbled down the road to the beach to take some pictures and check out the surf. waves looked good. took a few pictures. i've got to sort through them before i post them.

we three went back after a long wait at the diner to sit down. one board made it pretty difficult to share. my first "lesson" of sorts went well. caught one wave with help, one on my own, and a final one that got me off my belly. not quite on my feet, but off my belly. i'm sure the real surfers were snickering.

after a resting spell, we headed to a volleyball tourney with some of clowe's co-workers. we lost a close first game, and had an epic comeback in our second. the lead went back and forth quite a bit, until we finally prevailed 16-14 as the skies opened up and ended the tournament. we finished second in our bracket.

now we're back, full of grilled food and various salads. time for a nap-and-rally.

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wanderlust said...

hehehe...surfing, I love it that´s what I was doing two days ago also!