Monday, February 11, 2008


friday night, she and i went to the national geographic society's gathering of the banff mountain film festival. it was five nights of mountain-themed films. environment. climbing. alpine expeditions. base jumping. skiing. in short, amazing. i am going to highly recommend to anyone that has the tour stop by to check it out. here's the trailer.

realizing my addiction for outdoor adventure is growing and broadening, i started making my new wish list this weekend while i was scrambling down to the water's edge to climb at great falls this weekend. the short list: snowboard, bindings, goggles, insulated waterproof britches, helmet, dynamic rope, more quickdraws, new tent, car-camping stove, backpacking stove, daypack, trailrunning shoes, camelbak, extended backpacking trip pack, mountain bike, digital SLR...

not so short after all. dang, i need to make some coin!

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