Wednesday, February 13, 2008

iced out

weather turned foul. welcome to the dmv in the winter. snow? nah! freezing rain? oh yeah!!!

after scraping a quarter-inch or so of ice off my windshield (that'd accumulated in less than 2 hours), i pulled out of the parking lot on wet roads. no ice on the roads on my way to the polls before they closed. uh oh. my on ramp to 395 was closed. ice on the overpass. stuck in bumper to bumper, trying to get my bearings. (sidenote: roadmap needed badly!). popped a u-turn and got on the interstate a different way.

behind a short bus, wondering why it's pulling off to the shoulder so soon after getting on. i try to pass, and i realize why. it wasn't pulling over, it was drifting on the sheet of ice on the bridge i didn't realize i was on. my rear wheels spun quickly and i started drifting (thankfully) away from the bus. flashers on, i stayed in second for a mile or two and got more comfortable that the roads were only wet, though the bridges had black ice. as was the case in florida, i'm not concerned about my driving. it's the other wackos that concern me. (yes, I know by that wording, i admit to being a wacko myself!)

traffic report took 5 minutes to inform us unlucky commuters of the tie-ups and snarls. many highways were literally parking lots. engines off, lights off, people out of their cars, however briefly. it took me an hour to get home.

getting out of my truck at the polls, damned if i didn't almost break my neck on some black ice! i'm staying in tonight...

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