Saturday, February 23, 2008


all day thursday, we were praying for the worst weather imaginable so we could have a weather-induced three day weekend. i woke up yesterday morning, with a feeling of dread. no snow on the ground. what looked like wet roads out the bedroom window. turned on the tv. as it scrolled through the districts canceling school, my hope grew. montgomery county maryland--no school. arlington county virginia--no school. alexandria city public schools--no school. loudoun county virginia--no school. fairfax county virginia--no school! yippee!

walked outside. slick, wet, icy, nasty. ugh!

i decided the night before if we had the day off, i was going to go play in the snow while the rest of my sucker friends had to work. her roommates are teachers too, and one of them likes the snow. actually, she grew up in vermont. it's kind of in her blood. she agreed that it was a good idea.

we set out on wet roads, hopeful that the conditions on the website were in fact awesome. i know you rocky mountain or other "real" mountain people scoff at this, but 2-4" of natural snow and some manmade too is worlds better than the slushy, icy mess that beat my butt (literally) on my first excursion.

fluffy, white powdery. no lift lines. i could actually turn 9 times out of 10. when i fell, it was easier to bounce back up. i conquered the green runs, and my fellow shredder convinced me to get on a blue run. mind you, visibility was a little less than ideal though the slopes were pretty great. getting on a steeper run with worse visibility...let's just say ahead of time, i was apprehensive, but i did it.

and survived. yes, i fell more often, but all i had to do was try to discern the baby blue figure carving just barely in view to make sure i was headed the right direction. progress! let's see if i can get one more full day in before the close of the season. it was a helluva lot better than working yesterday, that's for sure!

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