Wednesday, February 27, 2008


gotcha! i'm not pregnant.

random dream last night. i'm having a party. housewarming or something. lots of people from florida came to visit. a lot of people actually. candler. palmer. clowe. a few exes. a few people i haven't talked to in months or longer. one of the not-forgotten friends was in the dream with his wife, who was pregnant when i left florida. now, in the dream, i apparently didn't know that, and they chose the trip for my party to tell me. i was all excited for them, as i was in real life way back when i found out.

so, i email him this morning when i wake up since i thought it was really strange that he was in my dream. how's life? when's she due? are you a papa yet? he writes back. she had our son. yesterday. at 2am. probably when i was having that dream.

is that weird or what?!

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rachel said...

Very weird, but cool :) Have you seen any lottery numbers in your dreams lately? If so, send them my way!