Monday, February 25, 2008

the sound of silence

ever work with someone that can't stop talking? back in the day, there was this ned flanders clone that i worked with. every morning at the job site, he'd be happy as a pig in shit. forgive the language, but let's remember that i'm talking about my redneck roots. anyhow, in this story, i am homer simpson in my distaste for ned's upbeat and often judgmental comments emanating from beneath his pushbroom mustache. there was just something about his holier-than-thou attitude that made his constant chatter the bane of my workday. it finally got to me one day. his insistence on calling me benny-boy or son snapped the camel's back. i went off on him. he wasn't the boss, and he wasn't a good co-worker. he didn't respect me, it showed daily, and i lost it.

i've worked other places since where a co-worker has had the tendency to fill silence with inane chatter. more often than not, i deal with it better now; however, the smothering of mothering has gotten to me from time to time. the difference is that now it's out of kindness and helpfulness and not a need to feel superior to me. still though, i'm starting to tune out those co-workers when i ought not to. i prefer silence often, and i also use my mp3 player to keep my focus. my palmer-induced ADD makes it hard enough to focus without interruptions.

am i developing the male tendency towards selective listening? or am i truly ADD and having trouble coping?

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Miss Blase said...

My sentiments exactly. You're not ADD - and it's them, not you. I am notorious for selective listening. In fact my mom took me to hearing specialist as a child because she thought I was deaf. I see no reason why selectively ignoring the most annoying people on the planet (this does not include my mom) is a problem. Now if only I could hear freely and shut the rest of them up...