Tuesday, February 5, 2008

david vs. goliath

hi, my name is david. i'm fighting a battle with a goliath of corporate america. unfortunately, my sling and rocks will not take down this giant. it will not even make a dent in their defenses.

i just watched "who killed the electric car?". if you haven't heard of it, it's a documentary on the birth and inexplicable death of the EV1, general motors' foray into the now-dead electric car market. it attempts to explain why all the major car manufacturers invested a hell of a lot of money in developing the new technologies to meet a california zero emissions mandate only to abandon that effort secretly and rapidly less than 10 years later. it implicates big oil, the big three, and the federal government as co-conspirators against the california air regulatory board that initially set the zero emissions standard. gm came up with an amazing small car with a devoted set of loyal lessees. those davids couldn't do a thing to save their beloved little car. great documentary. if you're a granola munching tree hugger like me, i highly recommend this film. i am smart enough to realize that as a documentary, there is an agenda behind it, and there are multiple viewpoints. i'd be interested to hear them, but they'd be hard-pressed to break my first impressions.

how appropriate that i watched this today, and my horns are locked in battle with sprint over my now-canceled contract and their contention that i owe them a $200 early termination fee for poor service after 4+ years as a sprint customer. i'm going to use any government means i can short of taking them to court, but as of right now, i'm conceding defeat in the first battle. their rebuttal of sending my account to a collections agency has me reeling. any advice on how to reload my sling for this ensuing war?

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Miss Blase said...

I'll have to check that one out. Just saw the documentary "Chasing The Horizon" yesterday. Definitely not green, granola munching or tree hugging material, but very cool nonetheless. No advice on the Sprint bill. Just keep raising hell and maybe throw in a knuckle sandwich too.