Monday, February 4, 2008

people watching redux

leaving georgetown on friday night, i was transported back to college and what a normal night was downtown or on the strip in the 'ville.

one, near the end of m street where it merges into pennsylvania. two guys had been kicked out of a bar, or they'd left a bar, and they were not happy with each other. one guy, screaming obscenities at the other, "i'll f'ing kill you. i. will. end. your. life." and other such threats. his girlfriend (presumably) pushing him away, "seriously? listen to yourself. seriously?" her eyes saying something far different. more along the lines of, "i'm really getting tired of this nonsense. every night he drinks, same old..." other guy involved being restrained by his friends, pinned against a storefront, goading mr. death threat, "come on then. bring it!" this guy could barely stand up on his own. two frat boys mad about politics, a spilled $9 drink, or scuffed pumas. strolling past through the gathered throng of onlookers, most mocking them and watching with amusement.

two, crossed the street, sitting on a windowsill, a couple playing tonsil hockey steps from the four seasons. they needed a room. it was a little too cold for that nonsense.

three, drunken couple on the metro. she, glazed eyes and a vacant stare. she looked like she was going to chum. he, passed out against the window. five bucks said they missed their metro stop. i sure hope they hadn't just met. they got off, then got back on. wrong stop. she fell on the floor trying to sit back down. he had quite a time helping her totter back onto her four inch stilettos.

i miss college shenanigans people watching. (not really.)

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