Sunday, February 24, 2008

en vino veritas

apparently, northern virginia and maryland are on approximately the same latitude as napa valley, northern italy, and france. add the corresponding southern latitudes of chile, south africa and australia, and the local vineyards are in quite heady company. source: drunk on life and wine tour guide allen.

i went to a wine-tasting event at boordy vineyards yesterday. fond-of-you fondue in february. next month, stew in our stews and get stewed. april, red, whites, and bluegrass. a lot of their wines were pretty sweet, and their drier reds were a little young. in the interest of selling more wine, they told us that aging one of their bottles for about 5 years would make it pretty tasty. not being a oenophile, i don't have a stockpile of wine that i'd even consider that. if you are a wino, let me know in five years. i'll just stick to their others. i don't like dry wines anyhow.

as was the case in georgetown at mr. smith's, our gregarious performer (allen the tour guide) picked the two of us to make running commentary about. in georgetown, it was pretty funny because we'd only been dating for two months. john at the bar was predicting love and marriage and babies in carriages. whether that happens remains to be seen, but yesterday's commentary was a little more..."colorful". by colorful, i mean blush-inducing. it wasn't all that bad. if it were, i wouldn't be planning on return trips for more tasting and music and food and fun.

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