Tuesday, June 3, 2008


that's how much a tank of 87 octane cost me at seven this morning. hadn't earned a cent yet for the day, and i was deep in the hole. lately, i've only been putting in a half-tank at a time. somehow, it lasts for a week; yet when i fill 'er up, it doesn't last two weeks. could someone please explain that to me?!

next year, there are two huge gas-saving changes in habit that i didn't have to do a damn thing for. one, she's moving to south arlington. a mile or less from my place. that'll save a 20 mile round trip to spend time with her. that should cut down on both of our consumptive habits, and much less painful than a breakup! two, a co-worker is moving to south arlington also. different direction than she, but co-worker wants to carpool. i may be able to kick this nasty petroleum habit after all!

attempt three to save gas is continually in the works. craigslist is befuddling me with timing issues. i've been trying for a few weeks to replace my stolen bike, which in a twist of dramatic irony, i bet was sold to the highest bidder. got any tips on getting what i want from craigslist? anyone?


You had me at Merlot. said...

What about public transportation- is that an option? I love that I take the subway...don't pay insurance...and don't have to deal with a car. I spend 70 bucks a month (which comes out of my paycheck pretaxes) for a subway/bus/trolly pass.

Thats one thing that I don't miss about Florida. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A CAR. I went home to visit my folks and wanted to walk to the pharmacy down the street (I told them it was to get a diet coke , but really it was to get a pack of smokes)... and they were dumbfounded that I was going to walk. Oh how a big city can change ones habits.

Mr. J said...

Unfortunately, public transit is not a viable option for me. To take the train, I'd be going against rush hour and have six miles to go at the last stop. Too long for a walk, and I'm not allowed to bring my bike yet-to-be on the train during rush hour. Bus would be three transfers and almost a two-hour commute. Just not worth it in terms of time in my day!