Saturday, June 28, 2008

on the road again

i had a great week. afternoon thunderstorms led to lots of reading, which led into some good naps, which led into dinner and quality time with my parents. a little stir crazy for lack of activity towards the end of the week, but on the whole, it was good to be home.

home. i've written about it on occasion. what my definition of home always has been. florida is definitely still home, for the simple reason that i can find my way around (for the most part) without needing directions or even worrying about it. too many times in d.c. i've gotten completely lost, or so i thought, and stumbled my way into a new route somewhere. luck? probably, but it's not the same as seeing an address, most any address, and knowing not only how to get there, but the landmarks along the way. next summer will be strange for that "home" aspect. my parents are theoretically relocating to alachua. it'll be nice because visiting will also enable me to see old friends in my most recent old town, of whom there are more than those down south. it'll be weird because i'm not sure how my nostalgic brain will react to the difference. i've never really taken to south florida, but there was something strangely comforting about it this time around. maybe in leaving florida, seemingly for good, i subconsciously changed some other feelings along the way. that toes in the water, and florida will always be home mentality came home to roost. leaving gainesville finally put me in the real world, as if it was still sheltering me as in college.

just the musings of a road weary traveler. i miss my bed.

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