Thursday, June 5, 2008

i'm melllllltiing......!

so, the wicked witch of the west, tempest though she was, had no lasting ill effects on my abode. power was about for about 24 hours, i presume. it was back on when i got home. thank you, dominion power! my fridge was devoid of any spoiled food, thank goodness. i've got the a/c cranked and the fan running to cool the place off. that pesky trash can, which isn't run by power, seems to have malfunctioned with the funk of a chicken tray gone bad.

today at work, power was out when i got there. no food in the cafeteria. common sense was overtaken by concern for standardized testing, and the decision was made, sans power, to go on with the school day. we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches shipped from a high school that had power. they postponed the test until tuesday when the power didn't come on. spelling test by sunlight on scrap paper. windows open because it gets pretty stuffy in a classroom with 21 warm bodies rehearsing their asses off for their final fable play performances tomorrow and next week. power returned at about 10:15. on with the show!

no more wizard of oz references, i swear.

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