Thursday, June 5, 2008

a twister, a twister!

auntie em! auntie em!

growing up in florida, land of the thunderstorm, lightning capital of the world, you'd think i'd've been through a tornado non-drill or been stuck at school because of weather on occasion. today, that changed. power went out at the assembly. principal and assistant principal herded us out the doors "like it was a fire drill". kids, tornado positions!

tears from my kids. howls of displeasure from the autistic kids. all in all, they were pretty well behaved. rain coming down in sheets, loud thunder rocking the windows upstairs. buses delayed.

come to find out that two tornadoes touched down near my house, one in falls church, one in arlington. i came home to a dark apartment, cooked my dinner on my thank-god-it's-gas stove, and showered by candlelight. ran to the grocery store to get 30 lbs. of ice to keep my fridge from spoiling since the power's been out for at least five hours. been through this before when my power was turned off soon after i moved in with $180 in new groceries. lord willing, and the creek don't rise, my power will be back on sometime tonight and i won't have a whole lot of spoiled food in my fridge.

then again, there's still a flood watch in effect. anyone got a cooler and a grill?

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