Monday, October 1, 2007

a weekend in 1 minute or less

i had all kinds of interesting things running around in my head this weekend. alas, they've all disappeared without sharing them due to my lack of internet. i will regale you with a brief rundown of the events of the weekend.

friday, georgetown waterfront. nice place, expensive beer. me, severely underdressed.

saturday, oil change, attempt to go climbing. 395 was a parking lot, so i bagged the climbing, went to yet another street festival and added to my already sagging bookshelf with a few new purchases from the arlington library's book sale. some classics, some random stuff, a new record to hang on the wall. no, it's not quite as awesome as zamfir, master of the pan flute. ok, it's not even close. but it's a good fit for the nature theme i've got going in my bedroom.

saturday night didn't happen. that's the only way i can deal with the loss. kudos to auburn, look out lsu.

sunday, climbering. much happiness and soreness today. creek running through boulderfield, will be awesome in the summer. jump in the creek if you get too hot! will be even better in the winter when some of the little pools freeze over and i can play on the waterside boulders and still have a crashpadded landing zone. for now though, michele enjoyed her first outing, and i'm definitely going back with whoever comes to visit up here.

which reminds me, who's coming to visit? spots are disappearing fast!

oct. 5-8 hound ears in boone, nc.
oct. 12-14 visiting grandma in e-burg
oct. 19ish brockway's interviewing up here
nov. 2-4 clowe comes in from rhode island
thanksgiving, my folks will be in town

beyond that, i have interested parties telling me they're coming to visit. we'll see when they buy their tickets.


Daniela said...

i don't really need to buy a ticket (except a metro ticket) but those boulders look nice, where are they and when are you going to show me where they are at so i can break some more bones.

Daniela said...

p.s. you only need to approve one of those comments i didn't see the thing at the top. stupid websites.

rachel said...

Did you really write this in one minute or less? If so, I am impressed.