Friday, October 19, 2007

second base

a little levity for your friday. have a great one!

Students Strike Out With Breast Cancer T-Shirts

WICHITA, Kan. -- Two high school seniors in Kansas must scrap their fundraising project for breast cancer awareness.
They started selling pink T-shirts with two baseballs on them. The text on the shirts read "save second base." The girls thought selling the shirts would be a good way to spread the health message and raise money for research.
The students' school said the sexual innuendo was too suggestive for the classroom.
"I think that if girls can wear shirts that imply sexual messages, they should be able to wear breast cancer shirts. They're trying to do it for a good cause," shirt supporter Cassie Werner said.


Jennifer said...

I think its a pretty damn clever idea!! Too bad everyone is so damn sensitive now to appreciate what those kids were trying to do. Too bad they are too stupid to know 99% of that high school has already hit a home run, lol!

Daniela said...

what she said...^^^! what a great idea! people are just to uptight. what a great way to spread the message...i think its funny.