Monday, October 8, 2007

just what i needed

though the wounds say otherwise, this weekend was just what i needed. again.

great weather. outdoors. missed friends. big laughs. oh yeah, i guess i climbed a little too. seems secondary or tertiary in retrospect. it was the reason for the trip, but it turned out to be the least of my worries the past few days.

if i can keep up this pace, i may just stay sane in this crazy town. it's hard enough to meet new people in a new place, but with the added pressures of a new job instead of college, it gets lonely sometimes. i'm doing well and staying pretty busy with the few new friends i've made, and the old ones i've reconnected with. last time i relocated like this, it was 1997. it was gainesville, and i got dragged out kicking and screaming long after the ink was dry on my diplomas. of course, in college, you do nothing but meet new people. every semester you get a new crop. between rush week and new classes, if you're halfway sociable, your circle of friends can expand exponentially in a few years. i don't regret the extra time i spent in gainesville. i've made quite a few amazing friends in the 4 years after i graduated. at the same time, though, i was constantly reminded of some not-so-happy memories on a daily basis. perhaps that's why i'm adjusting so well right now--no more ghosts.

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