Friday, October 5, 2007

milk was a bad choice!

mental note: at happy hour, never EVER order a burger with enough gorgonzola cheese on it to induce vomiting in an otherwise sane (and sober) person.

thus a lesson was learned: what tastes good the night before, might very well haunt you the next day. good choice: four pieces of lettuce and a crouton (or half the contents of your fridge). bad choice, rottenest cheese ever (next to the stank stuff the french call cheese that smell like rotten feet) on a burger, with onions and a glaze that makes your tongue spasm...

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Daniela said...

excellent advice. something i find i have to keep relearning all the time. cheese is no longer my friend no matter how much i love it. now if you could only remember it once read it off the menu and think it sounds so good.