Friday, October 12, 2007


man, these meetings are about to kill me. i can't hardly get ahead in my classroom because of this or that. last night, left school at 4, right after the kids, got home at 8. in a meeting all day today, sub in my classroom. the meetings pile up, one after another. it's intense. that's the best i can put it.

at least it's friday, and i'm going to see granny this weekend. she's going to teach me some more italian cooking skills. let's see if i can remember the recipe because i bet she doesn't use one!

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Lisa said...

I like this blogging a lot better. Myspace can be a pain. I am jealous you're getting great recipes... we should share... even though I don't really do recipes... I just throw stuff together and hope it tastes good. Hope you're enjoying your week!