Monday, October 8, 2007


one of the things i've looked forward to most with the move is a change in seasons. bright leaves in the fall, the need to wear a coat in the winter, an actual spring, a summer that doesn't last 11 months. right now, it's apparently 20 degrees above normal temps in d.c. yes, that means 90s in october. i thought i left all that behind.

the people up here seem to enjoy it.

the few trees that have started to change colors seem so surreal to me. yes, i've seen them before at hound ears and horse pens in the fall, but it's almost digital in my brain. my peripheral vision seems to be searching for the edges of the tv screen because it's not quite sure how to take it all in.

there's apparently selling seasons up here too. you can't buy patio furniture in october. why can't i enjoy a nice fall evening on my balcony eating dinner? oh yeah, summer is the time for that up here because it's not 97 degrees with 85% humidity. one thing hasn't changed though. today's date: october 8th. the christmas season is underway once again. is it just me, or does it seem like we'll be seeing santa in september pretty soon? retailers need to get a grip and remember the holidays between the fourth of july and christmas. perhaps....thanksgiving?


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Daniela said...

i don't enjoy this heat. thank goodness this weekend it will cool off and next week we might have normal temps...but bad news is that i read an article saying we are going to have a warmer and drier winter this year. oh wait we have been having those for the last four years. doh. you should have moved out west, at least you would have seen snow.