Saturday, October 27, 2007

here we go again...

stalling in rush hour traffic on the beltway is a bad idea. too bad my truck doesn't really go the whole logic route when deciding to break down. driving home. a different way. to stop at dick's sporting goods for a bocce ball set. to stop at target for houseware type stuff. the danger ranger says to me, "nah, i think i'm going to live up to my nickname. let's stall!" and proceeded to stall, in the pouring rain, at 5:00 somewhere south of arlington blvd.


i waited about 10 minutes, started her up again, goosed her about another 3 miles down the road, but i smelled burning, and fear of stalling in the rain should not be my primary concern in wet rush hour traffic. so, i called AAA.

conventional wisdom says that i can fix this problem. wikianswers says that it's a 45 step process to change my spark plugs. in the (hopefully unlikely) event that i cannot fix it, it's car shopping time.

damn you carrquest. i want my repair money back. $800 only lasted 4 months. not much of a ROI in my book...

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