Monday, October 29, 2007

in the woods again...

i just can't wait to get back in the woods again!

sending temps today. lots of quizzical looks from non-climbers about the crash pads on our backs. barrett and dani's super positive vibes, even though the rock was marginal at best. no lrc or hp40 sandstone here. schist, granite, and other metamorphic rock. the weather was beautiful, there were a couple of pretty cool lines. a slab solo or two. i finally understand michael reardon's 8-foot bubble explanation. it sure is serene when everything else just goes away. not saying i'm going to do it often, but i certainly enjoyed it.

this after a long day under the hood yesterday. 5 hours or so to change the spark plugs and wires in the engine bay. $80 or so, a few skinned knuckles, and yes, pop, i still have grease under my fingernails. much better than ten large for a new (used) vehicle!

on tap this week, lots of conferences with parents, a sub for thursday and friday. quirky city stuff that i'm sure i'll write about afterwards. time to get back to work on my table. pictures to follow when it's all done.

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